1. Easy Treble Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Easy Treble Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Beginners can practice the chain stitch and treble crochet stitch with this easy pattern. Crochet fingerless gloves are a useful and stylish gift to make in fall and winter for that one friend of yours that can’t seem to put their phone down, even outside in freezing temperatures!

2. Crochet Circle Bag

Crochet Circle Bag

Sometimes simple shapes make the most creative items. This crochet bag is made up of two larges circles that are joined together at the bottom with a strip of extra crochet. This circle bag has depth, density, and the ability to tote around all sorts of stuff season after season.

3. Crochet Skinny Scarf

Crochet Skinny Scarf

This is a one-skein self-striping crochet scarf worked almost entirely in double crochet. Strategic spacing creates the design element of arrows that give verticality to the piece. The row-by-row instructions are written out in detail and include photos for each step, making this a great beginner crochet pattern.

4. Caribbean Crochet Socks

Caribbean Crochet Socks

Sock yarn is lightweight yarn that often has a little bit of stretch. It’s an enjoyable yarn to work with and you can make many items with it, but of course, it’s designed with socks in mind. This is an adult crochet socks pattern in five sizes, made using single crochet and half double crochet stitches. There are several variations on a hdc decrease or hdc cluster that give these socks a more advanced design.

5. Tunisian Crochet Phone Cozy

Tunisian crochet is considered a form of advanced crochet but it can be very easy for many people to learn. This crochet phone cozy pattern uses the very easy Tunisian simple stitch. The fabric made by this niche of crochet is perfect for adding on designs using embroidery stitches.

6. Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

One of the fun things about crochet is that you can really get creative and literally go “outside of the box” by making crochet blankets that aren’t the usual square or rectangular shape. This free download on Ravelry was inspired by a basic friendship bracelet. The photo-rich tutorial shows you how to make the blanket strips to create the original design.

7. Plaid Crochet Cowl

Plaid Crochet Cowl

Did you know that it’s possible to create the look of flannel plaid using crochet? It’s true! It’s all about changing colors at the right time in a project. Learn how while crocheting this cowl or triangle scarf pattern.

8. Celtic Tiles Crochet Blanket

Celtic Tiles Crochet Blanket

Overlay crochet using front post stitches to create cables is definitely an advanced technique for the beginner to aspire to learn. This technique is executed beautifully in this free crochet blanket pattern consisting of twenty Celtic-Knot-inspired squares.

9. Tasseled Granny Square Baby Blanket

Tasseled Granny Square Baby Blanket

Even a very simple crochet pattern can become special with just one added touch. This baby blanket is a classic crochet granny square worked in a neutral color. At the end, three rounds of surface slip stitch are added to create pops of color. These pops of color carry through in the tassels hung on the blanket corners.

10. Sankaku Crochet Wrist Warmers

Sankaku Crochet Wrist Warmers

The construction on these crochet fingerless gloves is so interesting that it might take you a try or two to figure it out, but the end result is worth the effort. The mitts begin in the corner, increase to a point, and then are worked in the round–but then there are more changes to come when you get to the thumb hole. This is a fun project!

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